Candidate (now Regent) Chance Hill's Statement of Issues

(These are the issues as taken from candidate Chance Hill's website
Chance for CU Regent (no longer available))

I am running to become your CU Regent because I passionately believe in the importance of promoting a culture of intellectual diversity and free speech on our state's college campuses.

Although our great state is blessed with a fantastic university system, we should continue to make it even better. The CU system, including UCCS in Colorado Springs, offers courses to approximately 66,000 students and produces thousands of graduates every year. Preparing them to become engaged citizens in our state means exposing them to a variety of perspectives and ensuring that they learn how to think critically and independently. Extreme political correctness stifles open debate and has a chilling effect on honest discussions. Institutions of higher learning should promote free thought rather than indoctrinate students into subscribing to any particular worldview.

As your CU Regent, I will focus on pushing to appoint administrators who understand this mission. I also will further develop initiatives - such as the Conservative Thought and Policy Program and the Center for Western Civilization at CU Boulder - to push back against groupthink mentality. Our universities should be bastions of free expression rather than echo chambers.

Furthermore, every Coloradan has an interest in CU graduates contributing to our state's workforce, getting and creating jobs, and becoming useful members of society. Having recently spent time as a law student on a college campus, I better understand the impact of rising tuition on recent graduates. Cutting costs and further cultivating public-private partnerships - while not raising taxes - must continue. Also, continuing to expand online course offerings will enable more students, particularly from rural areas, to gain access to higher education at a lower cost. Sustaining this effort matters so that we can reduce massive student debt, which will improve economic growth in the 5th Congressional District.

I also recognize that the CU system is a vital driver of Colorado's economy, pumping in billions every year. UCCS continues to play a larger role in affecting the 5th Congressional District's economic prosperity - and I will push hard for more CU system Research & Development dollars to come to UCCS.

As a Constitutional Conservative with a wide variety of recent university experiences, I believe that my background will lend well to being your CU Regent - and I am asking for your vote and support!